The Company


SOLSYS was founded in 2006 by respected and accomplished IT professionals and provides the very best in strategic solutions and IT staffing.

Solsy’s managing partners bring 80 years of combined experience to the table and have partnered with some of the largest companies in the country, including Telus/Clearnet, Bell Mobility, Bell Canada, Rogers Cable and Telecom and many others. Our technical designs and delivered resources provide business solutions for high-profile projects that many people use every day and that have won five consecutive Canadian Information Productivity Association (CIPA) awards.

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What Does SOLSYS Do?

SOLSYS offers the best in IT staffing available, whether it be for a single resource or a complete project team. Solsys treats each engagement with a consistent value-add approach, leveraging our partners in the industry and our extensive experience to find the most appropriate resource(s) for any IT position or project within your company. This, along with our extensive network of high-performance consultants and staff provides a winning formula for any IT project, saving time, money and providing an agile “go-to-market” timeline.

SOLSYS invites you to view our wide array of Services which can be “tailored” for the specific demand.

How does SOLSYS do it?

SOLSYS puts a strong focus on diverse skills–matched with business acumen for your industry–a good work ethic, and a personality that can work within a wide variety of teams and groups.

With this diverse array of abilities, skills, and experiences, SOLSYS offers great value to any client seeking to increase their technological capabilities. A strong, well-developed IT department aligned with the Business can result in significant cost reduction or avoidance for the entire business. SOLSYS can assist in developing the IT department for your Company.

By using a practical approach and industry best practices to solve any IT challenges, SOLSYS will help customers achieve their business goals with support from highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants.

Furthermore, SOLSYS and all its team members remain current with technology and industry standards relevant to your industry so as to provide the highest possible standard of consultation. SOLSYS strives to provide the very best for the client from Strategic and Business alignment to project delivery to IT to enable the Business.

SOLSYS seeks to help the client realize their full IT potential and succeed in technology delivery and Information Management.