Transform Your Data into Actionable Insights That Give You a Competitive Edge

There is undiscovered intelligence in your data that can be harnessed to give your business more agility. As you add more services you increase complexity but also gain intelligent views of your customer experiences.


The average application touches 35 different IT systems – up from 22 systems just five years ago.


53 percent of organizations are planning to deploy new technology this year.


76 percent of CIOs say that rising IT complexity may make it impossible to manage performance.  

Mastering Customer Experiences Starts with Your IT Operations


We Can Help Solve Your Digital Intelligence Challenges

Analyze data across your entire technology stack

We can help you improve your decision-making by allowing you to visualize data from all of your platforms – including public and private clouds. You can also integrate with your partners’ systems to gain a 360-degree view of your operations.

Turn machine data into operational intelligence

AI and machine learning help you improve your decision-making and uncover hidden trends. We can help you scale to collect and analyse data from all of your siloed systems. This brings your structured and unstructured data together so that you can get the insights that you need – when you need them.

Optimize your customer experience

We have partnered with Splunk to help our customers make their big data usable and scalable. By leveraging the robust power and capabilities of Splunk, you can collect info about your customers behaviour from online digital services and mobile apps all in one place. This data will help you improve your products, services, apps, and marketing initiatives to meet customer demands.

Resolve issues faster

Businesses need to proactively monitor their systems and address problems before they impact users. By quickly identifying issues and correlating events you can improve your speed-to-resolution. Proactive monitoring and response also allows your IT team to spend less time on support and more time on innovation.

Convergence of Observability & Security: The Benefits and Approaches to Better and Safer Applications and Services

Observability and Security undoubtedly intertwine to create a more secure environment. An application with good Observability is inherently being watched, and it turns out that a lot of what you need to instrument and track to make sure an application is running, is also what you need to observe for possible security issues.

What kind of information needs to be captured for good observability, and what business benefits does observability provide? How does security posture relate to observability, and how do we extend our instrumentation to help with security insights? These questions and more are investigated in this ebook.

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