The role is a customer-facing senior consultant responsible for architecting, designing, and implementing PingDirectory & PingDataSync solutions for a broad spectrum of clients in different industry verticals.

The consultant will provide subject matter expertise during consulting engagements, which assess, define, install, and configure a client’s security capabilities in the policy, process, technology, or organizational areas. The consultant also identifies gaps and recommends cost-effective best practices to manage client risk and increase their understanding of security and privacy risk and compliance.


The provision and delivery of security consulting services by following Solsys best practices.

  • Participating in a well-defined professional services practice.
  • Collecting business and functional requirements.
  • Architecture, design, and construction of security and business processes.
  • Architecture, design, and construction of Ping Identity technology to meet clients needs.
  • Strong communications skills, both verbal and written.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of PingDirectory and PingDataSync use cases.

Desired Technical Skills and Experience


  • 3+ years architecture, design, and implementation experience in PingDirectory and PingDataSync.
  • Experience carrying a feature from start to finish; prototypes, design specifications, managing POCs.
  • Experience and expertise with Java language and environments.
  • Enterprise-level LDAP background.

PingDirectory specific experience

    • Data types and their uses, sensitive attributes, virtual attributes, and JSON attributes.
    • Enabling logging and creating retention/rotation policies for logs.
    • Creating, exporting, or importing encryption settings definitions.
    • Creating password validators and defining policies.
    • Root and topology users and privileges management.
    • Use of the collect-support-data command to generate a report for support purposes.
    • How to create and manage indexes.
    • How to configure additional attributes for SCIM.
    • How to configure replication and define topologies.
    • DevOps approach to deploying PingDirectory.

PingDataSync specific experience

    • Designed and implemented dataless virtual architecture for bidirectional real-time synchronization between two endpoints consisting of PingDirectory and RDBMS or LDAP systems.
    • Designed and implemented PingDirectory data importing.
    • Mapped attribute names, values, and DN’s between end points.

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