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A Coherent API Lifecycle Management Strategy

Without your CIO establishing a coherent API strategy, APIs are just another middleware software lacking any transformational value for your organization. If you work in IT you should know the immense transformative opportunity that APIs afford by now.

To harness this opportunity you need IT leaders who have invested time understanding the value of this technology and where its unique value and priority lies as it relates to your business strategy. Do you know who is responsible for your own company’s journey? What are your company’s objectives and milestones and how is success being measured?


Are you and your colleagues working from the same page or are you siloed on your own pursuit of short term tactical kinda making it up as you go along? APIs can be considered analogous to your organization web properties which was the primary medium to interface with your customers or partners a decade ago. APIs have the capacity to impact a broad spectrum of digital products critically important to your business success.

How do you find the right balance between the speed required to transform your customer experience and building a lasting technical foundation that can provide the promise that the technology can bring to your digital journey?

Are you willing to leave this critical alignment in the hands of your vendors and the melding pot that is reflected in their prioritization of capabilities as features that are critical to your business?

There are both fundamental and advanced applications for APIs across your business. However, unless you are delivering and accountable to your business priorities, how can any of these tactical considerations possibly provide an aligned delivery to business value?

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Solsys has been supporting leaders in the Canadian marketplace with strategy and delivery of their API programs for the last six years. We have lessons learned and clear understanding of the transformative qualities of a strategy sponsored by Business and IT leaders.

We would encourage you to consider their significance to your business and your required investment to harness them as a very strategic part of your modernization plans with contributions from your business leaders.

Contact us and learn from our journey. Talk to one of our product managers who have more than 5 years of experience delivering across different API ecosystems. Engage one of our Agile experts who can help you canvas effectively for a lasting and business aligned approach to building your strategy.

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