Transform your API Management Practice with SOLSYS’ API Strategy Workshop

API Strategy Workshop

api strategy workshop



Workshop Overview

This full day workshop is planned to support in-person and remote participants.

The morning portion of the workshop is designed to help a product team come together to form a better understanding of their product, gain clarity on their goals, who their customers are, and what their product needs to achieve and deliver. A product canvas will be created to help socialize the critical business value the product is expected to deliver.

This “Product Lift-off” helps a team gain clarity and focus around their work and how they will align and deliver the outcomes they need to achieve, as a team.

The afternoon portion of the “workshop day” is intended to support identifying critical architecture and a design feature list for the product.

What are the Benefits

Who Is The API Strategy Workshop For?
  • All those involved in delivering the API product
  • All those involved in the API product lifecycle
  • Key API product stakeholders
  • Enhanced Product Clarity:
    • Helps product teams gain a better understanding of their product and its goals.
    • Clarifies the target customer base and product objectives.
  • Improved Team Alignment:
    • Facilitates team alignment and focus on delivering desired outcomes as a cohesive unit.
    • Promotes a shared understanding of the critical business value the product is expected to provide.
  • Efficient Product Development:
    • Supports the identification of critical architecture and design features for the product.
    • Streamlines the product development process by prioritizing key elements.

Workshop Deliverables

Product Canvas

This deliverable will help socialize key elements for successful business outcomes and constraints to success.

This can include:

  • Key Partners: External alliances required for delivery
  • Key Activities: Core functions essential to execution and operations
  • Key Resources: Critical physical, intellectual, financial, or human resources
  • Customer Relationships: Interactions with customers that create bonds and incentives to stay
  • Customer Segments: Various subgroups within customer base with distinct needs and requirements
  • Channels: Ways to reach customers, whether online or offline Cost Structure: Fixed and variable costs required to execute model
  • Revenue Streams: Recurring and transactional revenue streams; combine with cost to understand financial sustainability

High-Level Architecture and Features

This deliverable will provide an Architecture overview of the product, highlighting recommended key features required to support stated business outcomes.

This can include:

  • Architecture guidance for integration modernization
  • Identify requirements for new technologies
  • Agile integration technologies
  • Define next steps

Begin transforming your API Product Management Practice.

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