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Observability is critical for building, changing, and understanding the software that powers complex modern systems.

Teams that adopt observability are much better equipped to ship code swiftly and confidently, identify outliers and aberrant behaviours, and understand every user’s experience

Observability allows teams to:

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Monitor modern systems more effectively

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Find and connect effects in a complex chain and trace them back to their cause

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Enable visibility for system administrators, IT operations analysts and developers into the entire architecture

We have organized some of our services and content for Observability here. The scope includes everything from Observability by engineering design to Opentelemetry changing Cloud Native Observability.


Want to transform your developer experience and achieve unparalleled cross-platform visibility?

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In just 2-3 hours, you’ll learn how to improve MTTA, MTTR, availability, and performance through hands-on experience with Splunk Observability. Our workshop is perfect for development and DevOps teams who want to monitor and troubleshoot real-world incidents using the latest technology.

Don’t miss out on this interactive opportunity to unleash the power of your data and accelerate value for your business.

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Convergence of Observability & Security: The Benefits and Approaches to Better and Safer Applications and Services

What kind of information needs to be captured for good observability, and what business benefits does observability provide? How does security posture relate to observability, and how do we extend our instrumentation to help with security insights? These questions and more are investigated in this ebook.

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