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Give Customers, Developers and Partners a User-Friendly Experience While Keeping Your APIs Secure

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are vital to the future of business.
Organizations are building websites, apps and software that make it easy for customers to do business with them. Meanwhile, these offerings are becoming more complex, as customers demand new features and greater availability from online services.

APIs allow your services to talk to each other—providing both your customers and developers with a good experience

An API strategy also helps you gain agility in the cloud so you can launch products and break into new markets quickly. In fact, APIs are becoming a major source of profit. According to Harvard Business Revue, and Expedia earn 60-90 percent of their revenue from APIs.

The Fast, Secure Way to Expose APIs and Seize New Business Opportunities

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API Strategy and Planning

We’ll work with you to plan an API implementation that meets your business, technical, and security needs. With our API strategy and planning services, you can:

  • Build a business case for APIs.bounceInLeft
  • Find opportunities to turn your APIs into revenue.
  • Plan how you will scale and use APIs to enable other parts of your business.
  • Create a security strategy to give users access to APIs while you protect your customer and business data.

API Management Gateways

An APIM portal gives everyone who consumes your APIs a centralized place where they can manage their experience. For example, software developers can log in to see what services your organization offers, request access to APIs, set up secure credentials, and find documentation. Meanwhile, you will know who is logging in, as well as control what they can do on your site.

When you partner with Solsys, you can:

  • Securely expose your existing APIs.
  • Centralize your API authentication and authorization.
  • Get a single, audited view of your APIs’ access and performance.
  • Shut down problematic traffic and monitor security from a single location.
  • Customize an existing APIM gateway to drive more value from it.
api management gateways
api services design and implemenation

API Design and Implementation

We’ll work with you to getting users to adopt your APIs starts with great design. Solsys looks at API implementation from a product perspective, as this helps you:lan an API implementation that meets your business, technical, and security needs. With our API strategy and planning services, you can:

  • Build or expose APIs for a specific opportunity.
  • Sell APIs to generate a new source of revenue.
  • Give users the features that they want.
  • Achieve high-performance and scalability.
  • Track how people are using your APIs.
  • Expose APIs while keeping your data secure.


SOLSYS has extensive experience helping companies plan, design, and roll out API services. We’ve worked with leading brands in the telecom and financial sectors, where API security and high performance are paramount. Throughout our projects, we’ve developed best practices that will give you both immediate value and ongoing success.

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5+ years of Agile development to help you launch services and realize value quickly.

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10+ years supporting mobile application integrations.

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10+ years of Digital Identity services to support your critical authentication and authorization integrations.

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6+ years of Operational Intelligence expertise to accelerate development and availability for your operational teams.

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Our solution enabled Telus to effectively divert new traffic to the new product and actively migrate legacy systems, allowing them to pivot on business priorities. Our architecture leverages existing API platform investments and open orchestrations for Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery.

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