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Agile Services

We bring Agile Delivery, Coaching and Training Services to the Enterprise, to support Agile transformations and for improved Product and Service Delivery, and Business Resilience.

Solsys has a strong history of working with, and providing, Agile Product teams capable of delivering products and services in a customer environment. These hybrid teams often include our customer’s consultants and team members to offer the best possible delivery. We have delivered complex products in enterprise environments, and in multi-million dollar programs. Leveraging Agile and Lean methods of working allows us to deliver successfully, with as little waste as possible, while adapting to ongoing changing business environments. We also provide coaching and advisory services for executives and teams, enabling our customers to get the best outcomes from Agile product teams.

Our Services

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Product Team design and delivery, providing development consultants able to work in challenging iterative delivery teams.
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Product Owner consulting services.
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Scrum Master consulting services.
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Agile Coaching services, at both team and executive levels.
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Agile Facilitation services, such as: Product Lift Off workshops, Open Space facilitation, Design Sprint facilitation.

Our success stories include product deliveries and transformations among Canadian leaders in Communications and Finance. We contribute and source talent from the Agile Community across North America.

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Our Agile Services, combined with our other delivery practices, offer a unique value proposition for your Enterprise, with a Product Thinking Approach to software and systems at the forefront of our delivery.