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How We Work

Agile Delivery

Systems integration and software development initiatives are complex – especially if you distribute your infrastructure across multiple regions, data centres, and the cloud.

Proven Delivery Methods

Solsys reduces your risks by leveraging best practices in iterative and Agile development. This gives you maximum visibility and allows us to deliver the right solution quickly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the questions that you may have about how we will ensure rapid ROI while minimizing your risks

How do I know what you’re working on during an engagement?

Since we use iterative and Agile methods, we can show you our work and demonstrate progress at weekly or other regular intervals. We use the appropriate visualization tools, such as Kanban and storyboards, to give you a snapshot of what we are working on and each item’s priority. This enables you to track all of our work and gain total visibility into our progress.

How much control will I have when I engage you as a vendor?

The short answer: As much as you need.

You will have full visibility into our progress and can offer input at any time. For example, you can change your priorities and add or remove items from our “to do” list.

This level of control is not possible with other systems integration vendors. However, we at Solsys pride ourselves on offering you the highest of levels of transparency and input – at no extra cost.

How will you focus on the business outcomes I need to achieve?

Many vendors force their clients to fit their systems and processes into specific solutions. However, we will consider your desired outcomes first and the technology second. Since we have relationships with multiple technology providers, we can find a solution that fits your needs.

We start by understanding the ‘why’ behind your initiative. We do this by facilitating workshops with your team and end users. Then, we ensure that the solution that we implement will help you achieve your goals.

We also break our work into pieces that are focused on achieving business outcomes, rather than specific technical implementation steps that don’t relate directly to your business goals. This helps you get alignment and buy-in from any non-technical stakeholders who are involved with your initiative.

How do you reduce my risk of a failed implementation?

First, we share our progress with you regularly to ensure that we are on the same page.

Second, we tackle the high risk, ‘unknown’ elements of the solution early to validate that our proposed approaches are achievable with the selected software, products, or languages. This allows us to adapt to discoveries and change direction during the engagement if required. It also helps you to make the appropriate decisions as we progress.

Our processes reduce your financial and failure risks. They also keep everyone on the same page and ensure that we have a transparent and trust-based relationship.

How do you ensure the quality of your work?


Quality is more than just software that runs without defects. In today’s world, it means reducing your business risks.

We build quality throughout every process to minimize your risks of downtime, failures, and security breaches. For example, we use automated testing to ensure that new changes won’t negatively impact your existing software or open a hole in your security. Since we demonstrate our progress at every iteration, you will have the opportunity to see our tests in action.

How do you deliver ROI as fast as possible and not waste budget?

Industry measurements state that up to 80 percent of software features are never used or don’t deliver their intended value.

At Solsys, we take this waste seriously.

We minimize waste by sharing our progress with you. This visibility allows you to decide when the solution is meeting your needs. Since we don’t fix an exact scope of work, we can stop when you feel that you have achieved your outcomes.

We also can perform more than one deployment. Deploying features early allows you to share software with your end users so that they can provide feedback. This helps you achieve ROI much faster than through traditional development methods. It also ensures that your software will scale and integrate with your other platforms, as we can test it with real end-user traffic and data early and often.


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