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Are You Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Modernize Your IT Monitoring?

IT operations provide the necessary infrastructure that businesses rely on to reliably offer their core services. But managing and utilizing all of the data your organization has access to is a legitimate challenge, especially when your company relies on legacy IT monitoring solutions.

Machine learning is one solution that many organizations are adopting to solve this common bottleneck. AIOps allows a company to enhance its IT operations and to draw valuable insights from the data they’ve collected.

Splunk is a recognized platform that many organizations use to streamline their AIOps with predictive analytics that offer reliable performance and scalable output.

predictive analytics

Why Are Legacy IT Monitoring Systems Problematic?

Replacing an existing IT monitoring system isn’t ideal for many businesses, but it is necessary. Legacy systems lack functionality and scalability when compared to modern systems that take advantage of machine learning.


  • You have too much data. Your decision-making processes are inefficient because you’re working with too much data, too many formats, and you’re trying to monitor too much.
  • Decisions take too long to make. Your complex IT systems make it hard to diagnose and determine problems, slowing down the decision-making process.
  • You have too many silos. Your data is trapped within individual tools that are unable to communicate with each other.
  • There is no alignment between IT and business stakeholders. Your IT departments are feeling pressured to prevent business-impacting incidents without impacting the day-to-day.
  • The costs of changing IT systems is too high. Your existing IT infrastructure needs updating, but your company doesn’t want to entertain deploying a new system and retraining employees.

Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Wait

The next wave of digital services is here. Cloud technology has changed the way we approach new software and exciting technologies like machine learning. These technologies are more accessible than ever, and it’s vital that you adopt them as early as possible to maintain your competitive edge.


  • Build out your IT infrastructure and connect your business with new services.
  • Support your current infrastructure by monitoring and preventing service interruptions.
  • Optimize these services by measuring their efficiency and effectiveness at helping you achieve your KPIs.
  • Fix problems as they occur through preventative measures and rapid diagnosis.

Legacy IT systems are incredibly ineffective at creating a streamlined approach to all of these essential tasks. All too often, these tasks are completed in individual silos.

AI allows you to create an internal system that works in unison by supporting your teams and providing them with useful insights to make actionable decisions.

It’s Time to Embrace the New IT Operating Model

Traditional IT focused on a model that separated development and operations. The work cycles for each area were unique, new applications went through planning and ran through development, and were eventually implemented and supported by operations.

This model doesn’t work anymore. It’s too ineffective to keep up with the fast-paced digital era that we exist in.

Instead, companies are embracing the new IT operating model that focuses on the three pillars of IT, which include monitoring, collaboration, and automation. These pillars are all based on the notion that data is the foundation for everything in IT.


  • Level 1: Search and Monitor – REACTIVE
  • Level 2: Operational Visibility – PROACTIVE
  • Level 3: Business Insights – PREDICTIVE
  • Level 4: Prediction and Improvement – PREVENTATIVE

Adopt the New IT Operating Model with Splunk

Splunk makes it easy for your organization to reduce incidents by providing you with the tools needed to identify, predict, and prevent problems from occurring.

The best solution for your IT problems isn’t always the easiest one. Businesses that integrate AI into their core IT infrastructure have the opportunity to build a strong foundation that will enable them to make better decisions with increased efficiency and accuracy.

Don’t let your business suffer because of legacy IT systems. Splunk can help you overcome IT deficiencies with a proven monitoring system that delivers.

Regain your competitive edge with simplified and modernized IT monitoring.

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