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Debunking the Myth That Splunk is Too Expensive for Small Businesses

For years, Splunk’s reputation involved being only accessible to large enterprises with substantial budgets. A large part of that was due to the high price that Splunk Enterprise carries with its pay-per-GB data ingestion model.

The average small business doesn’t have hundreds of thousands—even tens of thousands—of dollars to spend on one of these licenses, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from the enhanced functionality, scalability, and feature-rich experience that Splunk offers.

Data analytics are essential for businesses, no matter what size they are. Small businesses have been complaining about this problem for years, looking for affordable solutions—and finally, Splunk has listened.

splunk for smb

Splunk recently revealed the release of their new Rapid Adoption Packages (RAPs) that are designed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses.  

What Are Splunk’s New Rapid Adoption Packages?

Splunk calls itself “the data-to-everything” platform. They are committed to helping businesses turn real-time data into actionable insights, but this high-level functionality hasn’t always been accessible to small businesses.

Splunk’s new Rapid Adoption Packages allows small businesses to choose from several IT operations and security use case packages. Small companies can select from a minimum of 3 packages, up to as many of 9 of them using this a-la-carte model that prioritizes individualized choice.

It’s an excellent way for small businesses to develop customized Splunk solutions that cater to their needs—and it doesn’t require them to pay for features that they won’t use.

Splunk’s Enterprise model is known for its exorbitant license fees and pay-per-GB model. The new Rapid Adoption Packages are a sign that the company is committed to helping small businesses too.

But what do these Rapid Adoption Packages include?

IT Operations Use Case Packages

  • Storage Monitoring. Optimize data input and output by tracking I/O latency, disk utilization, and more.

  • Network Monitoring. Take control of what goes through your network by wiring data for Application Management, checking TOR traffic, and observing network utilization.

  • Server Monitoring. Keep track of server specifications and usage, including memory management by the Host, CPU utilization, multiple host infections, server error identifications, local user credentials, and new local administrator accounts.

  • Application Monitoring. Track these types of statistics on an application level, including storage I/O latency and CPU usage.

  • Web Monitoring. Identify web page users by country, handle large web uploads, and raise host logins.

Security Use Case Packages

  • Basic Security Monitoring. The capabilities of our basic security offerings include brute force detection, malware outbreak management, and endpoint scanning for uncleaned malware. You can also look for multiple and recurring infections on the Host and log in with local credentials if necessary.

  • Compliance. With access to in-scope resources, endpoint uncleaned malware detection, and new local administrator accounts, you can ensure security compliance across your business.

  • Insider Threat. Splunk offers flight risk web browsing capabilities, support for large web uploads, and high-volume DNS traffic.

  • Advanced Threat Detection. Receive valuable security benefits like new domain controller authentication, TOR traffic detection, new local administrator account identification, and Windows event log cleaning.

Here’s How You Can Benefit from Splunk’s New RAPs

Splunk’s Rapid Adoption Packages can transform the way your business handles, analyzes, and acts upon its data. But just how effective are these packages in reality?

  • Companies investigate incidents 90% faster with Splunk.
  • Development is 90% faster
  • Businesses reduce the impact on their operations by up to 82%.

If you think your company’s data management and policies need acceleration, you can start achieving more with cost-effective services from Splunk.

Splunk makes it easy for you to scale up operations seamlessly and efficiently as you grow. You can start with a smaller Rapid Adoption Package and quickly add other use cases as needed.

There’s never been an easier and more affordable way to gain access to Splunk to solve essential problems and boost your time-to-value.

Are you interested in taking advantage of everything Splunk’s new Rapid Adoption Packages have to offer?

Contact the Solsys team today to learn more about why Splunk is the right choice for small businesses looking to exercise better control over their data. Solsys can help you with selecting the package that makes sense for your business and we have several years of experience helping customers harness the power of Splunk to make smarter business decisions.

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