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Service-Minded Security: Enabling Agile Teams in a DevSecOps World

enabling agile systems

Organizational transformation affects teams in every specialization. More than ever, organizations are transforming towards Agile and DevOps Product teams, who make frequent software decisions and deployments. What changes should we see in a security department and those responsible for security as a practice in such an environment? What will the security architects and practitioners have to think about or change from their traditional roles? 

To address this question, Solsys brought together a panel of experts from Solsys and some of our partners in the Agile coaching, and IT Security industries. In our discussion, we help to define some of these terms like DevOps, DevSecOps, and Product Teams, and go on to talk about what security organizations and the role of the CSO could be in the future to truly enable these teams to deliver secure and security compliant products and services. We’ll discuss the service mindset, and the types of services security teams can deliver to these Agile DevOps teams to help ensure success.

We hope you find this discussion valuable. If you’d like to talk to Solsys to understand these topics in greater detail or discuss how we might be able to help you implement some of these ideas and practices, we’d be happy to speak with you. Please fill out our contact form here.

Our panel consists of the following experienced professionals.

Panel Moderator: Jeff Kosciejew, Agile Magic
An Agile Consultant, Trainer, and Coach. He’s worked in a range of public and private organizations of all sizes in helping people deliver value in a humane way. He’s actively involved in promoting and supporting the agile community, where he enjoys making work fun, and reflects his serious playful nature with his company, Agile Magic.

Panel Member: Martin Aziz, Squirrel North
The Co-founder & Principal Consultant of SquirrelNorth, which is a Toronto-based consulting and training organization. Heavily specializing in the use of Kanban, Agile and Fit for Purpose approaches, Martin and his team help organizations, including some Solsys clients, with focusing on improving knowledge work.

Panel Member: Doug Brown, Solsys
A Managing Consultant with Solsys, he has tenures at large software organizations such as Oracle and Sun Microsystems leading professional services teams across North America. Doug has experience working with customers canvassing requirements, and identifying critical solution architecture components.

Panel Member: Shawn Button, Leanintuit
An Agile Engineering Coach from Leanintuit who helps teams and organizations get to grips with improving technical and architectural practices. Leanintuit is a collective of authors, speakers, and coaches whose work has helped clients from all over the world. Shawn has also previously been a speaker and presenter at many Agile conferences.

Panel Member: Deryck Greer, Protexxa
The Chief Information & Security Officer of Protexxa Inc, a company that helps their customers with security training, education, and security intelligence, and Protexxa is a strategic partner of Solsys. Deryck is a former Intelligence Officer at New Scotland Yard in the UK, with a long history of working on everything security-related, from physical to cyber security operations.

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