Solsys Azure Event Hubs Application for Splunk

Ensuring that all the data you collect from Azure is properly integrated into Splunk is a challenge that many companies encounter. While the Splunk Azure Monitor app does exist, it’s not supported by either Microsoft or Splunk. And it’s no secret that Splunk has developed the majority of its services with AWS in mind.

In response to this, we have created the Azure Event Hub application to guarantee the seamless transition of Azure events to Splunk, most notably SIEM events. Our new application is completely free and readily available to anyone interested.

How Does it Work?

Our application addresses reliability and scalability issues you may have encountered with Azure event ingestion. These include:


Azure SIEM, Audit,
Compliance, Fraud Events

VP Cloud Operations

Azure Billing, Health
& Utilization Events

VP Services

Cloud, Mobile applications Health,
IOT Intelligence

 Make Your Organization More Agile and Gain Visibility into Your Cloud Data

Solving a Common Azure/Splunk Pain Point
Solving a Common Azure/Splunk Pain Point

Unlike other solutions on the market (which are limited), Solsys’s solution was built to solve a legitimate pain point that many companies experience when ingesting data into Splunk.

Industry Expertise
Industry Expertise

Our company gathered valuable insights and best practices through working with Scotiabank that we used in the creation of this app.

Save Time and Money
Save Time and Money

Developing your own solution could cost your company as much as $30,000, several weeks of work and requires a deep understanding of the Azure and Splunk SDKs. We’re offering the Azure Event Hubs.

Simple, Yet Powerful
Simple, Yet Powerful

We know exactly what problems you are struggling with when it comes to importing your Azure data into Splunk. Our solution offers your company an agile and scalable solution that is up to ten times faster than other options on the market.

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Azure EventHub TA for Splunk

The Azure Event Hub Connector TA provides
Pre-defined Sourcetypes (for json or syslog type events),
sample inputs to invoke wrapper script,
and sample inputs for monitoring inputs on disk.


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Azure Event Hub Insights App

This Azure Event Hub Insights App provides
dashboards for understanding meta information
regarding data that is onboarded and information on your
default operational-insights-logs eventhub.


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Azure Event Hub


  Gain Greater Visibility into Your Multi-Cloud Environments with Splunk

Public cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, can make your institution more agile and competitive. But to achieve these benefits, you need complete visibility into your cloud data.

To learn how Splunk makes this possible download our white paper.

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Are You Ready to Improve the Way You Handle Your Azure Event Hubs Data?

Getting started with our new Azure Event Hubs application is incredibly easy. We’ve created a better solution that offers enhanced resilience, more availability, scalable throughput, simplification, and ease of governance.

If you have any questions, please reference our technical blog post detailing the installation process or get in contact with the Solsys team.