Technology Health Check

You’ve made a significant investment in technology infrastructure that functions as your business’s central nerve system. Vulnerabilities or inefficiencies within that environment can be utterly catastrophic as even the most robust systems cannot withstand the evolving sophistication of potential threats. Timely re-evaluations of your technology environment can only increase your level of protection and–since our Health Check is absolutely free–there’s no reason not to get one today by simply filling out the form below.

Our complementary Health Check includes:

  1. Determining Your Current Identity Technology, Issues and Goals: The first step involves identifying any current technology you may be using, establishing the goals that technology is intended to meet and then iterating any issues your users (customers, employees, partners) may be having within your system.
  2. Examining the Efficiency of Your System: The second step involves reviewing and comparing your current identity system based on its documentation and current environment so as to discover the cause of any described issues and identify potential problematic vulnerabilities.
  3. Documenting System Failures and the Paths to Issue Remediation: The final step provides you with a report identifying all the areas where your system fails to meet your requirements  and will recommend a general course of action for remedying those issues as well as identifying other areas which may require further investigation.